Fairhaven MA school vote

I've posted on my personal blog about Fairhaven's upcoming school vote. I encourage you to forward the post to anyone you know in Fairhaven and encourage them to vote NO on this Wednesday, November 2.


Fairhaven Mills Exhibit, Oct 3-4, New Bedford

Please come visit, tour the studios of our neighbor artists, and see the vintage printing presses in action.

End days

This is what currently remains of the Fairhaven Mills building in the North-end.  I am guessing the last little bits of the building will be down within the next couple of days.


A guest post by elroustom. This pretty little church is on County street at Sawyer street. Were those doors for men and women?


This little antique peep-hole diorama can be found hidden away on the 3rd floor of the Whaling Museum. It's easy to miss, but fun to check out if you do find it.

Sawyer street