January 17. Green

and a red bobsled


tiffany... said...

whoa... mat, this picture is so great!

matcoes said...

Wow, thanks. It was a drive-by. The big tankers only dock at one place, right next to the road. I have yet to see one go through the puny drawbridge though. By the way, you can see this from our house, come see!

cmiper said...

Hey Mat, good one. :-)

That is a tough spot to shoot without getting out and footing it over the bridge. I didn't know that there were any larger vessels in this week, I wanted to shoot one of them at night. The bridge it pretty big when opened, it actually is a turning bridge rather than a draw, there is a radio station you can get the daily open times from.

Oh..and did you see the Mayflower? You can see it from Popes Island right now. ;-)

matcoes said...

There's another big one in there today (01/17), and it's white, which will probably look better at night.

The Mayflower looks hilarious way up in the air like that, you can pretty much see it from the street in F'haven too.

cmiper said...

Yeah, I went to take photos of it in Fairhaven, but was told to get lost. ;) I shot it from over at pope's island.